Optical Boutique

Lens Options

At Primary Eye Care, we specialize in fitting the latest in digital customized technology from a variety of manufacturers to help our patients realize the best vision possible.


A multi-step process that eliminates reflections on the lens surface. This allows more light to pass through the lens resulting in better clarity. It comes with water, dust, and dirt repellent as well as a hard coating to resist scratching.


A lens designed to darken based on changing light conditions. We also offer a lens that will darken in your car.

Impact Resistant

We offer a variety of materials that are impact resistant as well as thin and lightweight, and/or safety rated.

Polarized Lens

A sun lens that is specially designed to reduce glare off of highly reflective surfaces resulting in truer colors and better clarity of objects normally blurred due to bright light. It is very helpful for snow and water activities, as well as everyday activities such as driving. It will also protect you from the harmful sun rays.

Custom Sun Clip

We can have custom polarized or tinted magnetic clip-ons made for your new eyewear.